Minutes from Burnsville BYR Meeting: February 6, 2015

Burnsville Yellow Ribbon Committee 06 Feb, 2015 


  1.  The meeting was called to order by the Mayor and the following items were discussed. 

Old Business

  1. Introductions
  2. Financial Update:  ($991.09) paid Go Daddy Domain annual bill $33.34.  Still have Host Gator bill ($119.40) and an additional $14.99 for site lock.  Group voted to pay the bill and it has been paid
  3. Submitted annual report to the State
  4. Work Force Center presentation:  (Jeff Dexter, Employment Ready Veterans, 1-5 Dec)
  5. Bi-Monthly Dakota County meeting, 28 Jan 2015.
    • Discussed the vet center presentation by Rita Marques.  Handed out flyers for the group.  Have contacted Rita for an additional 40 flyers and will leave at City Hall.
    • Transportation discussion.  The county wanted to know if the city had any request from vets for rides to the VA.  Geraldine Longfellow found out that we had one veteran request for transportation assistance to non-VHA medical appointments at the end of April 2014.   So far this was the only request for transportation the Burnsville BTYR has had since we organized. 

New Business

  1. Continuation/Future of web page.  It was decided that we continue our web page for the upcoming year.
  2.  BTYR bus decals:  $250.00.  The group voted to provide $100.00 for a good faith effort for the decals.  I have made contact again with Robin Selvig to get details for sending the donation.  Once this is complete I will need a co-sign for the check with the Mayor.
  3. Assisting our Vets (i.e. Tom Sweet), thank you to Adam Rothstein.  Had thank you cards made up and signed and will send out to Adam.
  4. Event recommendations for any spring events.  The group came up with a couple of recommendations
    • I love Burnsville week
    • Memorial Day celebration at the Centennial Park
  5. Miscellaneous and any other business
    • There was a motion to put flag etiquette and how to people donate to BTYR Burnsville group on our web page.  I will have Joy and Nancy update the page to add these items.
  6. Closing comments:  Mayor Kautz


Next meeting:  Due to schedule conflicts the groups next meeting is moved from 25 March to 3 April, 0930-1030, City Hall.  See you there and thanks for your support

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