Eagle’s Healing Nest – Adopt a Room

The Women’s Veterans Initiative (WVI) has a unique opportunity to participate in a historical restoration and provide women veterans a place to heal with honor. Cottage #4 at the Anoka Healing Nest is being renovated and volunteers are needed. WVI has been selected to “adopt” two rooms.

There are many ways to volunteer, and you can recruit others to help (family, Scout group, church group, etc.) Pick and choose your own day and time. If you want to prepare a meal for all volunteers, the signup is at Most of all, labor is needed for painting, cleaning, assembling, and moving furniture. Others can contribute by making the beds, bringing treats, assembling shower/toiletry caddies, donating money, purchasing towel sets and rugs, locating bedroom furniture for the rooms.

For more information, please join the Facebook pages for Friends of Healing Veterans, or Eagles Healing Nest of check the WVI.

For more detailed information: 

Laura J. Ludwig

WVI Chair



Services I can provide: